Alma Health Resources

Listed below are some good sources of information regarding medication, weight and nutrition. These are some of the most vital parts of maintaining good health and so it is important to be educated and use information to stay healthy.


Interaction Checker

Can’t remember if you can take two medications at the same time? This medication checker will show the interactions between any two drugs you enter. It is important to speak to your doctor first if possible.


WebMD has good medication resources like a drug information search and a pill identifier as well as reviews on different medications so you can see what others had to say about a specific medication.

Weight & Nutrition

Tips for Elderly Nutrition

Stay healthy and eat a balanced diet with nutrition information from HelpGuide. This website will tell you what things a lot of elderly persons are missing from their diet.


The government website ChooseMyplate has a lot of great nutrition and weight-oriented resources like weight management, a supertracker, and a BMI calculator.


Ever have a day when there are only a few things in the fridge and you need to make dinner? allows you to type in the ingredients you do have and will show you different recipes you can make with those items.