Gardening for Seniors


Seniors often have free time on their hands to enjoy activities they love. For seniors looking to find a new hobby to get involved in, gardening is often highly recommended. Gardening is a fun hobby for seniors that can actually have some great health benefits as well!

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Exactly How Important Is Sunscreen?

There are a lot of questions out there lately about sunscreen. Is it good? Is it bad? Here’s what we’ve learned.

First let’s talk about Vitamin D. Most people can fulfill their daily vitamin D requirements with normal daily activities amounting to 30 minutes outdoors twice per week. Equally, a healthy vitamin D rich diet of fish, milk, dairy, liver, eggs and vitamin D supplementation provides daily requirements. Prolonged sun exposure gives no extra production of necessary vitamin D, and it exposes the skin to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation which includes development of skin cancers.

One must also be aware of sun exposure when taking certain medications. There are many medications which may make the skin extra susceptible to sun. These include anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular, and acne medications. Oral medications Doxycycline and Minocycline used in the treatment of acne may cause skin problems when exposed to direct and prolonged UV.

What about spray on sunscreens and expired sunscreens.

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Traveling Tips for the Elderly

Traveling with older adults can be a rich and fulfilling experience for the entire family. Yes, it involves added responsibilities and a few compromises, but the time you spend discovering new things and sharing experiences with your elders is something you — and your children — will cherish for a lifetime.

In addition to the usual packing lists and numerous confirmation codes you’ll need to know, seniors have specific health and lifestyle needs that could shake up your travel itinerary a bit. If you are currently planning a summer getaway with a grandparent, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Schedule a doctor visit before your trip.

First, there are the health concerns to consider before traveling.

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