Tips for Seniors to Prepare for Surgery


Of surgeries performed in America, nearly 20% of those patients are seniors over the age of 65. Due to age, surgery can come with an increased risk of complications both during and after the procedure. There are many reasons for the increased risk. Aside from senior’s bodies being more delicate due to age, seniors can be sensitive to the drugs used during surgery, such as anesthesia. The same amount of drug that is traditionally used for every patient can have a varying effect on the elderly.

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Fun Mobile Apps for Seniors

Millennials are not the only generation that can have fun with mobile apps. There are lots of fun and convenient apps seniors can use, too! As of 2015, 27% of Americans over age 65 own a smartphone. While that number may not seem high, it has increased nearly 10% since the year before, which means more and more seniors are using their smartphone to stay connected!

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The Benefits of Walking

What’s simple, fun, and free exercise? Taking a walk!

The beauty of walking as exercise is that it takes no equipment, pricey gym memberships, or trainers and boasts a long list of benefits, including a reduced risk of some diseases and a general improvement in health. Walking is also low risk, easier on the joints than running, and can be done by almost any person of any age.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of walking that are hard to ignore:

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